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The Steenmeulen mill in Terdeghem

The Steenmeulen or St. Arnould Mill

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The Steenmeulen, mill in Terdeghem, is the only remaining brick windmill in the region. This mill was built in 1864 and is still in operation and open to visitors.

The Steenmeulen, classified as a "Monument Historique" is a Dutch type mill, it has 3 floors and was used for a long time to produce oil and still today flour!

The best way to learn more about the Steenmeulen is to come and be guided on a tour! The owners and members of the association are real enthusiasts who will tell you the history of the mill and explain its every detail.

New : If you have already visited the Steenmeulen a few years ago, you should know that the tourist site presents you with something new every year: so you discover a park at the foot of the mill with a miller's workshop and replicas of a Persian mill and a merry-go-round mill!

The mill, the "Steenmeulen", is

  • 24.7m wings, equipped with air brakes, a unique device in France
  • 3 pairs of millstones that still produce flour
  • A pair of oil millstones rehabilitated in 2007
  • 3 floors that can be visited with the original equipment and facilities to understand the mechanisms


  • Construction : 1864
  • Type : dutch
  • Materials : brick/stone & woods
  • Height : 30 meters
  • Production : oil and flour


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Demey family to Markey

From wood to stone

The Demey family were the first owners of the Steenmeulen. They originally owned a wooden mill, but this was destroyed by a storm in 1863. Mr Demey then ordered the construction of this more resistant winged giant in brick.

In 1912, Jérôme Vienne took over the Steenmeulen. At that time, the mill was already no longer producing oil and would soon do without its wings, which had been damaged by bad weather. The mill was run by a steam engine and later by a diesel engine.

Mr Michel Markey, father of the current miller, Joseph Markey, moved to Steenmeulen in 1938 and decided to restore this giant to its former glory. He gave it new wings and a cast iron head.

To discover the rest of this marvellous story and to see the miller and his winged best friend exercising their passion, come and visit us at the Steenmeulen!

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Joseph and Véra Markey take you on a passionate tour of their heritage from the past: a brick windmill that still turns and produces flour & a museum of Flemish rural life at the beginning of the 20th century. More than just a guided tour, the owners offer you a moment of transmission!

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