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The Flemish Rural Museum of the early 20th century

The Flemish Rural Museum ... A real trip back in time !

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The old farm buildings on the site house an exhibition of objects from life in early 20th century Flanders; old trades, typical interiors, old pub counters and even a mini hop house with all the tools of old-fashioned picking.

A fleet of agricultural equipment: from the horse-drawn machine to the steam engine, via petrol and heavy oil tractors... A century of mechanical evolution on 500 m2!

New : if you have already visited the museum on the Steenmeulen site, a few years ago, you should know that it has been completely reorganised during 2018 and that it is constantly evolving with the ideas and finds of the Friends of the Steenmeulen! At the end of 2018, a miller's workshop was built from scratch as an annex to the old farm building. Well worth a visit according to our current visitors!

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The Steenmeulen Museum is

  • A restored authentic steam engine & still
  • A complete panorama of country life in the past
  • An impressive collection of agricultural machinery
  • A collection that highlights the important developments in life before and after the beginning of industrialisation


  • Creation : 2000
  • Collection : begin 20th century
  • Fields : agriculture and energy
  • Area : 500 m2


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Marcel Leupe Collection

A passion for old tools

In the year 2000, Joseph & Velma Markey created the site museum. Following their takeover of the site, they decided to open the mill to visitors and offer a complete introduction to the rural life of yesteryear.

It is then that are born successively the museum of the Flemish rural life (collection of Mr. Marcel Leupe), the museum of the agricultural machinery and energy made up of creations of Jospeh Markey but also of its purchases, gifts and loans to supplement the collection and thus to approach the totality of the aspects of the rural and agricultural life as much in the technique and its evolution as in the simple daily life, it also, in mutation. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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About us

Joseph and Véra Markey take you on a passionate tour of their heritage from the past: a brick windmill that still turns and produces flour & a museum of Flemish rural life at the beginning of the 20th century. More than just a guided tour, the owners offer you a moment of transmission!

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