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21 Jan

Exhibition “Flour: What a story!

The packet of flour that we all buy today to make cakes, pancakes and other breads holds many secrets! What was the first form of milling made by man and for what purpose? What tools did man develop over time to obtain the famous flour that we love so much in our culinary culture? These tools have amazing histories and reveal completely different designs from one era to another. The Steenmeulen offers you the opportunity to follow the history of the grain of wheat through the various techniques in a comic strip. This large-format comic book will present the tools in a playful way, some of which will also be physically presented, such as the mill, its Persian friend, a merry-go-round mill and other ancient tools!

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05 Jan

Our best wishes for 2021

The Friends of Steenmeulen wish you a healthy, loving and happy 2021. It has been a difficult year for all and we hope that better times lie ahead. The situation sounded like a reaffirmation of the importance of heritage protection. To hold on to the beauty of man’s creations, his ingenuity and the evolution of

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24 Jul

A horse mill in Steenmeulen

Jospeh Markey, miller of the Steenmeulen, has been working on this reproduction of a horse mill since winter 2019. A long-term project that offers visitors a new insight into the various forms of grinding tools that have existed. It completes the collection of millstones but also the reproduction of the Persian mill. This almost finished model of a carousel mill is already functional. It is only waiting for its wooden horse to be completely finished!

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07 Jul

Bike parking at the Steenmeulen

A few months ago we announced that the Steenmeulen site had been awarded the “bicycle-friendly tourist site” label. The summer season is now in full swing and miller and handyman Jeff Markey has it all planned! Curious cyclists, the Steenmeulen welcomes you throughout the season to discover a piece of the history of the Hauts

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Joseph and Véra Markey take you on a passionate tour of their heritage from the past: a brick windmill that still turns and produces flour & a museum of Flemish rural life at the beginning of the 20th century. More than just a guided tour, the owners offer you a moment of transmission!

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